About the Kaleidoscope Trio

The Kaleidoscope TrioThe Kaleidoscope Trio is a unique ensemble that performs a colorful variety of music, from Bach to the Beatles and from Schubert to Sinatra.


Kaleidoscope Trio

Since its formation in 2013, the Kaleidoscope Trio has brought its eclectic music across Los Angeles and Orange County, performing in recitals, special events, libraries, museums, schools, hospitals, and for music therapy.

Members Mann-Wen Lo (violin), Micah Wright (clarinet), and Adam Borecki (guitar) met as students at USC. The Kaleidoscope Trio won several awards at USC, including the USC Outreach Competition and special recognition for its outreach work in the Gluck Fellowship Program.

Currently, the Kaleidoscope Trio performs throughout Southern California and explores a plethora of musical styles including classical, jazz, pop, klezmer, and fusion.


The Kaleidoscope Trio at the Laguna Art Museum

The Kaleidoscope Trio tailors its unique repertoire to each concert and audience.

The Kaleidoscope Trio at Laguna Beach

Whether you're interested a full concert-length recital of classical music, an outreach concert for the community, or background music for an event, the Kaleidoscope Trio has a program just for you.

In additional to concerts, we also provide music for a variety of other occasions: Our holiday concerts feature christmas favorites and audience requests, our outreach concerts tailor music to younger children, and our wedding music is perfect for the ceremony of your special occasion.


You can high resolution photos of the Kaleidoscope Trio for promotional purposes:


The Kaleidoscope Trio is not connected or affiliated with the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra (www.kco.la). The Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra is a conductorless chamber orchestra in Los Angeles.


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